Job: Foreman: Refractory Mason

Title Foreman: Refractory Mason
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Salary $30/hr
Location Wixom, MI
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Job Description:
Will be acting as the Foreman for bricking of heat treat related equipment in house, doing relines in the field, estimating jobs and actual hands on work.

-Interpret prints of sketches, plan work details and determine material requirements.
-Lay firebrick and refractory tile to build, rebuild, reline or patch high temperature or heating equipment according to job orders and blueprints.
-Lay out work using chalklines, plumb bobs, tapes, squares and levels
-Calculate angles and courses for building walls, arches, columns, corners and bottoms.
-Remove burned or damaged brick and cleans surface of setting, using sledgehammer, pry bar, pneumatic chipping gun, scraper and wire brush.
-Cut brick to size.
-Cut, notch or drill openings to provide outlets, brackets and heating elements using hand and power tools.
-May also pack insulation into shells and frames to insulate heating equipment.
-Perform work requiring knowledge of the properties and workability of bonding and ceramic materials, allowances for expansion and contraction of masonry work and the skillful use of tolls of the trade.
-Some travel required, both domestic and internationally (ability to obtain a passport is required).

-8+ years of refractory installation.
-Possess the ability to repeatedly lift 55 lbs.
-Cut bricks with hand wet saws.
-Use common hand and power tolls (circular saw, reciprocating saw, wet saw).
-Ability to remove old refractories while documenting existing equipment layout and refractory placement.
-Install insulation to equipment specifications.
-Install refractory brick based on equipment design.
-Install castable materials.
-Build and install form work for castble application.
-Brick arch roofs.
-Brick cylinders (exhaust stack)
-Tear out of refractory masonry.
-Using and maintaining refractory tools and equipment.
-Installation of ceramic fiber blankets and modules.
-High regard for safety standards.

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