Advance Staffing – Clerical & Technical

Advance Staffing Clerical & Technical specializes in the fields of Engineering, Accounting, Quality Control, CAD/CAM, IT and more!

We can help to supply labor based on the customers volume needs and skill level criteria. We are open for discussions on projects of any size from 1 person to 100. We can operate with crews and supply leaders or we can simply give you the manpower you request without any additional coordination.

You may utilize Advance Staffing for temporary work-load surges in your business, or you may use our service to find a long-term employee that you wish to hire.

With proper credit information Advance Staffing can finance your personnel needs for up to 90 days. This may take a large up-front load off your plate while your project is getting started.

Clerical & Technical Categories

Accounting – Certified/Non-Certified
Administrative – Receptionist, Data Entry, Logistics
CAD/CAM – Designers and Programmers
Clerical – Basic Level/Advanced
Customer Service
Engineering – Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, etc.
IT & Computers – Program Developers, Installation, Troubleshooting
Quality Control
and More!

If you are a business looking to utilize our expert services please contact our sales coordinator Kathy at [email protected] For all other inquires please contact us at (734)427-2422.

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